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FCI Lender Services, Inc. (FCI) is a leading national Private Money and Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM) Servicer providing a wide variety of services for Lenders of any size. Our Clients include Private Money and Non-QM Lenders, Private Money and Non-QM Brokers/Originators, Investment Companies, Hedge Funds, Credit Unions Banks, and Individuals. FCI is now annually Rated by Fitch, with annual SOC 1 (SSAE 16), MBA USAP, and State and Federal audits so our Clients can be assured that FCI’s Servicing Processes are highly rated and legally compliant. . 

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in California, FCI initially offered California Foreclosure Processing and Loan Servicing to Mortgage Brokers and Private Investors. FCI grew rapidly through the acquisition of Loan Servicing and Foreclosure companies becoming one of California’s largest DRE Brokers. In 2002 FCI began expanding nationally and significantly increasing its array of services for national and institutionally funded Clients, for a single Loan or thousands of Loans

Although assisting delinquent borrowers to get their Loans back on track has long been a part of Private Money Servicing, in 2003 FCI created one of the nation’s first dedicated non-performing Loan servicing divisions to serve Clients buying Non-Performing Loans (including released FDIC, FNMA and FHLMC Loans). FCI’s Specialty Loan Servicing Division offers Clients advanced Collection and Workout programs, including Financial Modeling to calculate workout scenarios and returns. 

In 2004 FCI introduced its innovative Live Customer Login where Clients could view their Loan Servicing in real time online, including Payment Statements and Late Notices as they are generated, and Payments as they are posted, cleared and disbursed. FCI's “Open Book Policy” provides Clients live access to nearly all of the Servicing Documents and Servicing Notes as they are generated, as well as other information in FCI’s Loan Servicing and Foreclosure Tracking systems. 

After the 2008 finance industry crash, FCI made the commitment to invest millions of dollars in systems and increased technology to prepare for the dramatically increased volume of Non-Performing Loans and Federal and State regulatory oversight. FCI strategically employed our Attorney Networks, contracted with Regulatory Update Services, and hired full time in house Compliance Supervisors and Attorneys to stay up to date with this new and constantly changing environment. 

In 2012 FCI became a Rated Servicer and began working directly with State and Federal Banks on Non-Agency Loans, and acting as the chosen Servicer in major Collateral Funding Agreements and Securitizations of Private Money and Non-QM Loans. 

In 2020 FCI developed the industry’s first Full API Connectivity to Loan Servicing Data. Lenders can PULL their information from our system and connect it into their secure internal software, as well as PUSH their Loan information into FCI’s system. This significantly increases data and efficiencies for our Clients. 

FCI is recognized as a premier national Private Money and Non-QM Services Provider, with over $17 Billion under management and the motto: all processed one Loan at a time

Our mission at FCI Lender Services is to serve as a premier complete national Non-QM and Private Money Servicer for Lenders.  FCI is the Sub-Servicer acting at the direction of its Lender Clients offering Private Money Lenders, Hedge Funds, Investment Companies, Private Money Brokers, Banks, Credit Unions and Private Money Loan Servicers an all-inclusive outsourcing alternative for Loan Servicing, Collection, and Default processing of their Private Money Loans.  FCI strives to deliver great efficiencies and cost savings to our Clients by using some of the finest personnel and technologies in our industry.  At FCI we fully understand our relationship to both Borrower and Lender on a Private Money Loan, and promise to embrace our responsibilities with knowledge, courtesy, and integrity.

The FCI Staff includes some of the most experienced and qualified management and operational personnel in the Lending and Servicing industry. Operational Staff are carefully screened, tested, and put through extensive task specific and cross training.  Training continues in all areas to keep Staff and Management current with the constantly changing parameters of this industry.  FCI employees are loyal and committed to the company, as many of them have been part of the FCI team for over 16 years.

The Management at FCI includes many outstanding and recognizable people in the industry.  The 14 members of FCI's Senior Management Team average over 27 years of servicing and workout experience each, and have impressive industry Resumes.

Experienced Management and Staff are key to providing the high level of service and operational expertise that sets FCI apart. 

FCI has an industry wide reputation for providing hands on professional Loan Servicing and Collection at the direction of Lenders for over 40 years. We are a “partner you can trust” and not an impersonal, inflexible processing factory. There is a high degree of trust in our ability to effectively handle all types of Private Money and Non-QM Loans for a wide variety of Lenders.